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From its inauguration (as The Waterfowl Club) in 1887, the British Waterfowl Association has continued to play the key role in producing the Waterfowl Standards, from the first Indian Runner Standard of 1901 to this 2008 edition. The new edition contains major revisions in format, terminology, historical information and structure, including graded judging defects and colour genotypes.

168 pages, fully illustrated, 200 pictures of all the breeds and colours
All the Ducks and Geese in one pocket-sized A5 volume

New breeds and colours - Graded judging defects - Historical information - Colour genotypes
£12 + £2.50 postage from the BWA at www.waterfowl.org.uk

"The BWA is now in a position to publish a more up-to-date and consistent set of Waterfowl Standards than at any previous time. Indeed, the Poultry Club has used, almost unchanged, the material from the BWA reports on Heavy, Light and Bantam Ducks."
New book - Colour Breeding in Domestic Ducks
Colour Breeding in Domestic Ducks is a simple, illustrated guide for waterfowl enthusiasts, helping them to understand the wealth of colour forms and markings that determine many of the breeds derived from the common mallard. Only a small number of genes affect the inheritance of duck plumage colour. By understanding the alternative genes and their interaction, we are able to manage the colour forms, correct breed faults and introduce new genes into what may be dangerously inbred flocks.
In colour throughout, 48pp plus covers, A4. Very well illustrated with the main duck colours which span the breeds.
Special Offer
Orders for 'Colour Breeding' can be taken by Veronica Mayhew (specialist and antiquarian book seller). Email veronica.mayhew@virgin.net
The Indian Runner Duck: A Historical Guide
by C. & M. AshtonHardback book, stitched, printed on good quality coated paper; 202 pages. Over 100 black&white illustrations and photographs. Eight page colour section. A collection of documents and information going back to the 1830s, some not previously available in print. Published by 'Feathered World' and distributed by the Indian Runner Duck Association,
Orders worldwide including the UK can be taken by Veronica Mayhew, long-established dealer in specialist books. Contact veronica.mayhew@virgin.net
price £15.00 plus p&p
Orders on the continent
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Domestic Geese Crowood Press 1999
Geese have an unjust reputation for ruling the farmyard and being noisy and aggressive. Well reared, they are useful, amenable and easy to keep. There is a comprehensive summary of the breeds in the UK in Domestic Geese. The study of management includes transport, housing, feeding, grazing and fencing. Goose behaviour and the approach to the breeding season is examined in detail, plus breeding, incubation and rearing of goslings. 192 pages, stitched, hardback, illustrated throughout with over 100 photographs and diagrams, and an eight page colour section.

Buy online at http://www.crowoodpress.co.uk/ (Farming and Land Use section/Poultry )Site price £15.99, plus carriage
Carriage is free on orders over £30.00
The Domestic Duck by Chris &Mike Ashton
The most comprehensive modern book on domestic ducks. Hardback, stitched, 192 pages. 170 b&w illustrations (approx) plus 8 colour pages. In-depth information on breeds and their history; management of adult stock; breeding and rearing ducklings; common problems and ailments Available online through the BWA, or from the IRDA at waterfowl shows. Price £20.00; postage extra.
Paperback edition out in September 2008